After 8 months of preparation, we are proud to announce a DXpedition to Macao (XX9) from March 9th, 2018 to March 17th, 2018.

Although this DXpedition does not count on donations, participants will be supporting all costs for transporting 215 kgs of equipment, as well as costs with air tickets, accommodation, meals and so on.

The team will be formed by XX9LT Bom, PP1CZ Leo, PR7AB Junior, PY2MC Claudio, PY2SEX Alex, PY2WAS Alex, PY3MM Miguel, PY4BZ Fernando, PY5HSD Herminio, PY6RT Beto, PY7XC Jim and PY5KD Luciano.

CTT (Post Office and Telecommunications Agency of Macao) has not confirmed our call sign yet, but all forms have already been signed and submitted and Bom is supporting the team with it locally. It is expected in the next days and will be communicated accordingly.

This team plans to work from 10m to 80m. 160m may be eventually worked as a non-priority band. Three stations will work 24 hours, provided that 1 station will be focusing digital modes, especially RTTY and FT8. We will be counting on 6 antennas (2 beams, 2 verticals, 1 folded dipole and 1 sloper double bazooka). There will be a spare transceiver in case of replacement need.

This DXpedition will count on real time updating log to Club Log. OQRS system at Club Log will be made available to QSL orders by bureau or direct under the management of PP1CZ.

Thanks to PY2DY Tony, PY2LED Fernando, PY2PT Ric, PY2VM Carlos and PY2XB Fred for all the support they provided to this team.

It is important to highlight that a bootcamp testing operation was held in the first week of September/2017 to test all equipments and potential interactions among the stations at the super contest site of PX2A.

Additional care will be taken with preferable QRGs to prevent overlapping as regards other big dx-peditions at that time, such as Spratly Is and Easter Is.

Thanks to all ham radio community for their enthusiasm and hunting this team in the air.

2018 Macao Dxpedition